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Growing Concord Grapes in Florida

Mar 09

Trying out plants that usually don’t grow in their respective zones always requires more planing. I thought I would take a chance with my favorite seeded grape, the Concord!

These grapes are a cultivar derived from Vitis labrusca in 1849 by Ephraim Wales Bull in Concord, Massachusetts.

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The Cold Snap Continues

Mar 05

In Florida, the temperatures have fallen to the low 40s again. As a native, I just want my humidity and heat back! Last week, my pink banana tree fell victim to the weather. It was doing great before the cold started up again. I purchased a mother bulb, so perhaps there is a slight chance it might still develop offspring.

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Carnivorous Plant Names

Mar 01

Commons names used for plants can sometimes be confessing! Remembering all the names was a little to much, but not impossible. All the latin names can be difficult to pronouns, and sometimes has us using the text to speech function to pronounce them correctly!

Plantii's Garden House 2

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How Plants are Shipped

Feb 24

Unboxing of some new plants! It always feels like Christmas when you get a new plant in the mail. I thought I would take this opportunity to show those that ask how plants are shipped by mail.

Unboxing Carnivorous Plants IV

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The Winter Chill

Feb 23

Almost the end of February and it’s still pretty chilling for zone 10 this year. I’ve had to retreat the nepenthes from there usual outdoor spots, to the inside.

Nepenthes Alta Pitcher Plant by ecken.
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