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Where to Buy Carnivorous Plants Online

Apr 30

Time To Print More Planters

Good quality carnivorous plants can be tricky to find. A good grower is the first thing to look for when purchasing plants online. Unfortunately it can take a bit of trial and error when finding a reputable nursery. Each have their own species they specialize in, and depending on the shippers location, the plant might be adjusted to that locations environment. I’ve tired many gowers during the years, below are a couple of the ones that have filled the garden.

Plant Shipment


Sethos Flower

Sep 07

Pinguicula flowers have stared to bloom! This little carnivore has taken a little over two years to flower. A beautiful purple and pink shade that rise a few inches above the rosette. The planter medium is filled with a mixture of sand, vermiculite, perlite, peat and pumice.

Although not the most efficient bug catcher, clones can easily emerge from leaf cuttings.

Purchased from Cascade Carnivores, pinguiculas are great little carnivores to add to your garden.


Lutea Yellow Flower

Mar 25

Pinguicula lutea’s yellow flowers are open. The leave a really curved on this little one.

This plant is native, listed by the U.S. federal government and state as Threatened.


Ping Leaf Propagation

Mar 10

Here is a shot of an Aphrodite’s leaf cutting propagating like crazy!

You can almost make out the five platelets growing off this one leaf!

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Pinguicula Purple Flower

Mar 09

Pinguicula Planifolia Red Form with a Purple Flower blooms!

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