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First Flower of 2013 – Red Flava Atropurpurea

Jan 10

The first flower of 2013! Great looking rhizomes bulb purchased from California Carnivoes have started to show their colors early this season! This Sarracenia Leucophylla ‘Red’ x Flava v. Atropurpurea has already out grown one of our custom designed 3d printed planters.


In Florida, only Oreophila and Flava seem to develop phyllodia leaves during the slightly chilly months. The rest keep a lot of their pretty pitchers throughout the “winter”.


Definitely a showy Sarracenia with great foliage throughout the year! To get your own custom 3d printed planter head on over to our Etsy page!


Truncata Pasian, Thorelii x Truncata and Ventricosa

May 13

Truncata - Pasian
Truncata Pasian, a highland nepenthes developing colorful lower pitchers for the spring.
I feared the Florida weather would be too warm for this species, but it has thrived in the garden shade.
Truncata - Pasian lower

The Ventricosa is doing great and has sprouted a second node with great medium sized pitchers.

Thorelii x truncata is now big enough to moved over the the entrence and greet vistors!
Entrence - thorelii x truncata

Entrence - thorelii x truncata upper back

thorelii x truncata lower close


Okee Classic

May 05

Repotting a Sarracenia Okee Classic

Another great order from connerscarnivores.com Healthy specimen was delivered with a lot of growth.

Careful removing plant from packaging. Have planter ready before unpacking roots. Make sure to add a drainage hole to the planter. Remove sticks and stems and break up moss. Always use rain water.

Clean rhizome before potting. Remove dead leaves. Take note which way the rhizomes are growing. You can use a support stalk until roots are settled in.


New Tinkercad 3D Prints

May 01

Our team over at Pixil is totally loving TinkerCad. We’ve been working on some awesome new designs and are excited to showcase our new planters! Inspired from our childhood memories of nes games, we thought it would be cool to bring out the “retro” in our carnivorous pals.

Check out our previous post on more 3d prints, designed on the awesome Tinkercad.

The Pinguiculas finally join in on the fun, here we see an Esseriana in our Mayan planter. This is one of the first designs by Noe Ruiz made in Tinkercad. Inspired by Mexican art and culture.
Maya Esseriana Pinguicula

Selected as staff favorite the Mayan Cube Planter is showcased with a Sarracenia leucophylla ‘Red’ x flava v. atropurpurea. This print is measured out to 4.5′ tall by 7′wide and 4′ deep, which is big enough to house our plant for about a year. This planter has awesome detail that really adds character to the plant.
Mayan Cube Planter 3D Print Front

Our first biodegradable PLA print looks really cool! This filament is transparent and actually made from corn. The question block from Mario was fun and easy to design in Tinkercad. We totally dig this eco-friendly material and plan to make many more PLA prints.
PLA Question Box

PLA Question Box Bottom
You can really see the honey comb design on the 10% infill used on the print. The extruder was set to 230 and the HBP at 40c.

Repotting White Hurricane Creek

Everyone can recognize this spiky shelled turtle. Designed by Dingo, he really wanted those spikes to be sharp, and boy are they! Shown here with a hungry Drosera Spatulata.
Spiky Turtle

Dingos chain chomp planter design was printed with red florescent filament and glows bright red under black lights. We can’t wait for the leucophylla to awaken from dormancy and show off more pics!
Chain Chomp #Planter #Games

A Moctezumae is shown here in an ire looking chap who loves his carnivorous plants as much as he likes his herb, green and sticky ;-)
Ire Flower

Although he might look angry and bitter, this little dude is on guard and looking out for your plants well-being. This planter was inspired by Asian art and culture. Shown here with another Hurricane White Creek
Evil Hurricane White Creek Side

Noe thought it would be a cool idea if we could hear plants talk and even perhaps sing if we put it in a speaker. Being a musician too, Noe thought a speaker would make an interesting planter.
Pinguicula Speaker

We hope you like our new plants and planters! We’re working on more and can’t wait to show more plants when they awaken from their dormancy. What do you think of our designs? Would you consider getting some for your plants? Do you have any awesome planter ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out our planters on tinkercad #games and #planter

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